6 noviembre, 2014
Author: Jordi Noddings

The ephemeral…

Shiro Kuramata ‘Sing Sing’ chair

for XO Paris,1985

Kuramata’s designs reflect the confidence and creativity of postwar japan, retaining a strong identity based on traditional japanese aesthetics while breaking new ground through the use of innovative materials. He combined the japanese concept of the unity of the arts with his fascination with contemporary western culture, inventing a new design vocabulary:

The ephemeral, the sensation of floating and release from gravity, transparency and the construction of light. Kuramata reassessed the relationship between form and function, imposing his own vision of the surreal and of minimalist ideals  on everyday objects.

Despite their sleek machine-age appearance, each of Kuramata’s pieces is realized in a process of meticulous craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail that is rooted in centuries-old Japanese tradition. Note, for example, the varied treatments of the edges of steel mesh in the slung seat Sing Sing Sing, the edges are bent and cut.